About US

Robin Kock

Mine Surveyor, Photogrammetrist and Commercial Pilot


Robin’s passion for Surveying started at an early age and culminated in him completing his National Diploma (Surveying), B. Tech (Engineering Survey) and B.Tech (Mineral Resource Management).


As a Certificated Mine Surveyor, Robin is a Competent Person: Surveying in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act. Within the Mine Surveying Industry, Robin is well known for his Specialist knowledge of Photogrammetry and Aerial Survey services.


Robin is also an experienced Aerial Survey Commercial Pilot with more than 1,500 hours to his name and recently qualified as a Remote Pilot to extend Premier’s services to include RPAS / Drone Surveys.


Robin fulfils the role of Technical Director within the Premier Group of Companies.



Sonet Kock

Aviation Compliance Consultant, Legal Advisor and Entrepreneur


Sonet completed her Bachelors of Law (LLB) and focuses on Legal Compliance with specialization in Aviation Compliance for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft Operations.


As the Accountable Manager she oversees manned and unmanned aerial operations ensuring a safe and reliable air service to our valued clients.


In an ever changing business environment, the focus is to ride the tsunami of disruption to the Survey Industry in order to ensure that the Premier Group of Companies lead from the front and offer technologically advanced services and products to our list of long standing clients.




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