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Premier Survey Solutions offers a specialized survey service with specific focus on the Mining Sector.


The focus is on offering on-site integrated survey products and services.


Premier Survey Solutions offers the following services and products:

Mining Surveys

Data generated from a Mining Survey is indispensable for Mining Design and Planning on an on-going basis.


Mine Surveying services include:

• Aerial Survey

• GPS Survey

• Volume Calculations

• Slope Monitoring

• Precise Levelling

• Survey Control establishment


Mining departments require different datasets i.e. mining planning, engineering design, survey office, environmental management – we assist by looking at the overall data requirements of the specific site and advise the best deliverables to satisfy survey requirements in a cost-effective and efficient manner to support mine-wide operations.


GPS Ground Survey

GPS ground surveys are used for measurement of ground control.


Our team of experienced and qualified Mine & Engineering Surveyors will deliver precise sub-centimeter measurements.


Full differential GNSS real-time GPS systems are used for all surface survey applications such as:

Volume surveys

Borehole stake-out surveys

Mine Design stake-out surveys

Cadastral and Lease Boundary surveys

Beacon relocation surveys.


Precision 3D surveys are used for Slope Monitoring and for establishing Survey Control at a mine.


Bench Level surveys are performed to check that mining is done according to the Mine Design.


Survey Control Establishment

Accurate Survey Control should be the primary survey objective at every mine.


A professionally qualified Mine Surveyor will establish the Survey Control on your site and create a local geoidal model.


We use full differential GNSS real-time GPS systems to establish new control or to supplement and enhance existing control at a Mining Site.


GIS Data Acquisition

A Geographical Information System (GIS) captures, analyses and presents data linked to a location.


The GIS dataset consists of geo-referenced geographical features which are linked to an attribute database that describes features or polygons on the map. These datasets are created from aerial imagery. Feature data can also be captured real-time in the field in a cost effective manner using survey instruments.



Slope Monitoring

The establishment of a Slope Stability Monitoring Programme is required on all surface mines in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996.


We compile the Slope Monitoring Programme in consultation with other professionals by performing the actual slope monitoring according to the assessed site and the risk rating of the site.


Slope Monitoring techniques range from visual inspections to high accuracy precise levelling depending on the assessed risk.



Exploration and Planning Surveys

Our specialized services are aligned with the survey requirements of an Exploration Phase mining site for instance to prove active exploration of tenement areas.


Borehole collar survey data can be indicated on the geo-referenced orthophoto to improve:

Visual interpretation of the exploration area;

Estimations of surface outcrops;

Geological mapping of the exploration area.


We perform the set-out survey to establish survey control and also deliver a digital orthophoto with an accurate DTM. Should the project advance from Exploration to Mining, this survey data will prove invaluable and can be expanded on.


Borehole Collar Surveys

Borehole collar surveys are used to link ore body data from geological sampling to the collar elevation of a specific site


Precise Leveling

Precise leveling is the survey discipline that yields the highest vertical accuracies



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